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Don't worry about people from your past, there is a reason they didn't make it to your future
"7 Billion smiles, and yours is my favorite."
"Als du das erste Mal gesagt hast du liebst mich, konnte ich mir vorstellen wie das Paradies ist."
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"Was würdest du mich fragen, wenn ich komplett ehrlich antworten müsste?"


“If all cosmos were the same distance apart, gravity would pull them all in the same direction. They’d remain perfectly aligned, and precisely nothing would happen. Irregularity, imperfection, and lack of order in hydrogen compacts, atoms of gas gravitating away from each other, and compressed temperatures is what created our universe. Perfection in our galaxy simply does not exist. Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.” —Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking: ‘The Story of Everything’ Utilize this as an analogy next time attempt to undermine your self-worth caused by fallacious and subjective standards one must meet in order to attain aesthetic appeal. Symmetric cannot be created if its source is asymmetric.

i love this so much



I have so many things to say and no way to say them. I need to stop stringing honest and painful together. I need to stop associating myself with fragile and easily hurt.


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